Northeast Contracting Corp has enough resources to accommodate any roofing project, whether it is commercial, industrial, institutional or governmental, while still providing your project with personalized attention.

Roof Evaluations/Inspections

Using our personal, experienced inspector Northeast Contracting Corp will thoroughly assess the current condition of your structures roof. We will analyze the documentation and photographs compiled by our inspector to provide you with a detailed report explaining the aspects of your current roof’s condition. From there we will discuss the most effective way to make your roofing system watertight.

We understand how important regular inspections and proper maintenance are to your roof’s long-term performance. Using a maintenance program as a preventive measure leads to huge savings for our clients.

Preventative Roof Maintenance and Restoration

Your roof’s long-term performance and integrity not only depend on the quality of installation, but also how well the roof is maintained. Using Northeast Contracting Corp’s maintenance programs is the proactive way to identify problems in early stages in order to protect your investment and business.

Even if you are not installing a new roofing system, the existing roof should be maintained in order to prevent more costly measures later. The roof on an average building is expected to need a replacement at least once in the buildings life time, but using Northeast Contracting Corp’s maintenance service ensures a longer lasting investment for your company.

Taking care of the entire roof system before it wears can save you thousands of dollars in structural damage and premature roof replacements. Northeast Contracting Corp can add up to 10 years of useful life to your roof through restoration by repairing or resurfacing the current roof system you have to a serviceable condition.

Roof Repairs and Replacement

Northeast Contracting Corp provides access to highly trained roof technicians with experience in steep and low sloped roofing repairs to allow a longer life expectancy for your roof. Repairs are necessary when new modifications such as additions, new HVAC unites, plumbing pipes, skylights, satellite dishes etc. are made to your roof

If a roof system is beyond repair or restoration, Northeast Contracting Corp will provide you with options that will best fit your facility and budget. We can install a re-roofing system by a complete tear off or a roof overlay.

Custom Design

Using information from a roof site evaluation regarding slope, insulation, ventilation, and drainage, we are able to provide a customized roofing plan involving the latest advancements in technology and material development.

We are qualified to install several different types of roofing including built-up roofing, EPDM (elastomeric) roofing, modified bitumen roofing, shingles and thermoplastic roofing. Northeast Contracting Corp will present various custom design systems guaranteed to prevent recurrent, costly roof problems and ensure a longer life for your roof while working inside any budget.