Management Plans

Your roof’s long-term performance and integrity not only depend on the quality of installation, but also how well the roof is maintained. Using Northeast Contracting Corp’s maintenance programs is the proactive way to protect your investment and business.

Northeast Contracting Corp can save your company money through our easy maintenance programs.
Did you know tear off roofing costs are at least twice as much than recovery costs? Reactive repairs are not nearly as effective at helping you avoid water infiltration as are proactive maintenance repairs. Much of the entering water will soak into the flat roof substrate which could be rigid insulation, absorbing the water like a sponge and as a result, never drying. After this happens, your only option when reroofing is expensive removal of all wet materials. Our Maintenance Plan Service is the most efficient way to document the roof’s long term conditions. Regular documentation over the span of years helps avoid premature roof replacements and is guaranteed to prolong your roof’s live span.

Northeast Contracting Corp inspects all different types of roofs every day, and has been for years.
Our experts have the skill and experience necessary to pick out what is and isn’t “working”. Staying proactive through one of our maintenance plans will help you and your company avoid unnecessary expenses in the future.

We can save you the embarrassment of being a manager questioned about premature replacement do to negligence. If we find something obviously wrong with your roof and we can easily fix it within your previously agreed budget, we will repair it on the spot. If the repairs cannot be completed within your budget we will submit a detailed repair recommendation for your consideration.

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